ABC Roadmap to Heaven: Grow in the Lord

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The Heaven-Earth expanse. How can our fractured earth-driven souls be guaranteed an eternity with God in His holy place? Only one way exists. The prior post walks you through those ABC steps. Now here are some recommendations for online and radio biblical teaching to help your soul grow in the Lord.


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If you’re a new believer—recently accepted Jesus as your Messiah and went through the ABC steps of salvation (admit, believe, confess)—welcome to the family of God! Heaven is partying right now, rejoicing over your repentance, humbleness before God, and your salvation.


Jesus said, “I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”(Luke 15:10)


Here are four foundational actions you can do to grow in your faith and in the knowledge of our LORD. And after that short list, there are some recommendations for places to hear balanced biblical teaching/studies that will encourage your walk in Him.


1. Start reading and studying the Bible. It’s critical to your soul—it’s nutrition for your soul and helps you to discern God’s truth vs. satan’s tricky lies.


The Book of John is an excellent starting point. Actually, all the Gospel accounts—Matthew, Mark, Luke, John—tell the Good News of our Messiah and reveal what our Heavenly Father desires of us.


2. Get plugged into a local rock-solid Bible-teaching church—one that’s sold out for Him and true to His Word . . . and that teaches the fullness of biblical prophecy in light of today’s events so you understand the hour we are in and what it means to you and those you love and know.


3. Listen to well-grounded Christian radio stations for more teaching —they can help expand your studies and knowledge. A recommendation and other suggestions are below.


4. Spend time in prayer—God longs for your fellowship. So talk to Him. But like any good relationship, it’s a two-way street. So also wait in that stillness before Him to hear His voice . . . it may be something from His Word that He’ll impress on you or words and teachings from your Bible reading and studying that minister to your soul.




CSN RADIO, Christian Satellite Network (listen live online too). They have a good array of teaching ministries (and books/CD/clothing products) and have a daily Bible call-in show Monday-Friday—To Every Man An Answer—that helps you learn, ask questions, and spiritually grow. In the Las Vegas, NV area, listen on radio station 90.1.



PASTOR/TEACHER JD FARAG at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii is a humble, authentic believer who isn’t shy about taking a stand for God’s Word and ways—and he’s a strong supporter of Israel. Born in the Middle East and of Arab heritage, JD is deeply in love with the Lord, is transparent in his sermons, and teaches passionately (love that about him!), tenderly, and honestly about our Messiah, the Scriptures, and biblical prophecies. I highly recommend his through-the-Bible/line-by-line Thursday and Sunday Bible teachings.


NOTE: His weekly Prophecy Updates are given Sunday mornings (Hawaii time) before his by-the-book biblical teaching/sermon. His prophecy updates connect today’s news/events to critically relevant biblical prophecy and are delivered unreservedly. Get his teaching podcasts and prophecy updates live or anytime via his site.




PASTOR/TEACHER JACK HIBBS from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. His energetic, making-it-real, well-grounded teachings will inform, stir you into action, and help you grow in your Christian walk. He teaches through the Bible, line by line, connecting the dots for the hour we are in. Jack’s sermons are on his site and throughout social media.




ISRAELI-JEW/CHRISTIAN TEACHER/AUTHOR AMIR TSARFATI, founder of Behold Israel. Excellent, factual, insightful biblical teaching with a no-nonsense approach, based on our Judaic roots—and with Middle East and prophetic updates from Israel. Watch, listen, get plugged in online, on social media, and more.




OLIVE TREE MINISTRIES, RADIO HOST JAN MARKELL, a Jew/Christian who has long been a bastion of truth, heralding the call to prepare for end-time events. (Thank you, Jan!) Wonder what in the world is going on regarding biblical prophecies? Listen to Jan’s weekly radio show: “Understanding the Times.” She and her guests grow your knowledge of current events via a biblical backdrop and help you stand against deception as watchmen on the wall in these last days.


Visit Olive Tree Ministries online to listen to her show (or listen via Alexa), buy books/merchandise, and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.

THANKS: Pastor JD Farag for the three ABC Steps to Salvation concept—Admit, Believe, Confess—that he shares after every one of his Prophecy Update teachings.


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