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Walking God’s bridge.





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The soul . . . that’s the thing. The breath of God within you and me. Your identity clothed in a body. Your soul using its partner (the body) to work out and work through its journey. Trudging up craggy slopes, resting along quiet waters, battling spiritual foes, pondering defeats, embracing victories.


SoulBreaths explores that seesaw journey via the lens of God’s Word, traversing the Bible’s inner crevices, rappelling off steep cliffs into its living water.


The Bible is our instruction manual, history, present, future. God’s words through many spirit-led writers, drawing us into the hidden, His deep.


SoulBreaths occasionally takes some deep-dives, examining what’s written in scripture—but also what’s not said. What’s between the lines and within the strokes of each Hebraic letter . . . where revelation and backstories emerge.


Purposefully traveling a divinely structured footbridge—unfettered. Dauntlessly following God’s story, His telling, His plot and subplot threads. Connecting what God revealed along that bridge, which is formed with Judaic and Hebraic beginnings that reach forward in harmony and a gentle unfolding to its mirrored Messianic side.


Because both sides of His bridge are unmistakably One. Intertwined.


Come . . . leave the mundane and embark on a journey where your soul will go to itself, within itself, and for itself, for a higher purpose in Him.


SoulBreaths Author
Servant of the Living God. Book developmental editor/line editor/writer, exploring the subterranean deep of Adonai's words, stories, character, faithfulness, love. Stirring the soul toward Him, bridging understanding along the Judaic-Messianic/Christian continuum for His Glory and the fullness of His shalom.