Betrayal Within: Moldy Soul Series


Stay tuned for upcoming post: Betrayal. It’s not just what’s done to us. It’s what we do on cloaked and not-so-cloaked levels to others. To ourselves. To God. The betrayal swimming within and without—whenever an action, word, or soul-thought crushes trust and taints spiritual and moral standards.


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Betrayal starts small and then grows invasively. In the heart. In the thoughts and intents of our mind. In the soul. Our moldy soul.


The Betrayal Within series starts by mirroring my earlier Moldy Soul posts (published 2009, later expanded)—exploring the makings of a moldy soul with some rabbinic thought woven in and searching how that rose to the surface and dismantled certain biblical relationships. Needless to say, huge ramifications followed.


This revised series turns up the volume a bit on the moldy-soul narrative and digs its roots into full-on betrayal. Its seeds. Its growth. Its cunning. Its nemesis.


The endgame is still the same: learn from the Word, seek God more, let Him change you within, and walk better with our LORD and others.



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