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By SoulBreaths Author [ 5 years ago ]

Least Terns, Alameda NAS CA

Soulbreaths is birthed from sailing in G-d’s murmuring deep. Check back regularly for the latest reads or email to learn when there are new posts.


In my murmuring deep . . . for a not-to-distant release:

  • Downton Abbey’s soul lessons
  • Beginning within a beginning within a beginning
  • The wedding
  • Endeavour’s heart battle—England’s prequel to Inspector Morse
  • What is truth
  • Under the shelter of His tallit
  • Soul living & the Divergent factions
  • Reflections on Torah portions
  • Living a still life
  • No risk, no reward
  • Releasing your soul story—how my book developmental editing/direction can guide you in writing your journey to encourage others 
Book developmental editor/writer . . . exploring the subterranean deep of Adonai's words, stories, character, faithfulness, love . . . stirring the soul toward Him . . . and bridging understanding along the Judaic-Messianic Judaic-and-Christian continuum for His Glory and the fullness of His shalom.

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