Soul Remodeling Series: Soul Arrow Intro

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Deconstructing . . . for your soul’s reconstruction.
Breaking free from preconceived “factions”—
Divergent, your unique self in the L-rd.


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[The original article was created/posted in 2015 with some additions later. Judaic scripture number references used.]


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This is it. Links to five stories—people who became soul arrows in God’s archery bow.


Each one answered the come-with-me call to a spiritual wilderness journey where His “cracks of lightning” periodically pierced their souls to light up the way through a seemingly no-mans-land.


This could be your time. If so, know that the harder and longer the deconstruction, the deeper the work He is doing within you. It’s not easy, but He is good. He is faithful. Remember that if you’re going through the process.


Your foes—depression, anger, and bitterness—are standing outside the door waiting for the slightest cracked opening. Slam the door shut, and get supportive friends to help.


And remind yourself, it’s a deconstructingreconstructing process. That means new things, new seasons are up ahead.


from barrenness of soul to prophet—and the world’s matriarch

Each crack of lightning in her story—the call from the polytheistic, cosmopolitan Ur to Haran, move from Haran to Canaan, dealings with Lot, battle with the five kings, sweepings into pharaoh’s and Abimelech’s harems—was a flash of His light, revealing a moment in the soul that sparked attention. Something had to be learned here, absorbed here, infused here, stripped here in order to birth something of greater magnitude later. Read the rest of her story here.


favor lost, favor regained—in spite of himself

Position doesn’t just happen. It’s given by God. Joseph’s prophetic dreams weren’t a free pass to ride the tails of his royal or priest-like, multi-colored coat, k’tonet pasim, כתנת פסים—k’tonet is the name of the high priest’s garment, perhaps a hint of Joseph’s future soul story. Those dreams were manifestations of a calling that would first become a lightning rod in God’s hands— a tool that would spark situations and form a wilderness path for Joseph’s soul. Read the rest of his story here.


fugitive prince turned bride guardian—who almost missed his calling

Egypt proved a blessing for the 12 tribes of Israel during the famine years when Joseph held a high position. Then the shift emerged and Israel experienced over 400 years of oppressive enslavement. But God, in precision timing, was on the move. He separated Moses from the common—his birth tribe and his adopted, privileged position in Egypt—for a series of deconstructing-reconstructing encounters with God to beat all others. God’s lightning revelations flashed through the soul of Moses time and time again. Moses was humbled at the burning bush, silenced at the sight of God’s glory, illuminated at God’s giving of the Torah. Read the rest of his story here.


accidental prophet—cohen priest turned pillar of iron

God’s lightning flashes pierced young Jeremiah’s soul and pronounced its destiny. There would be no discussion, no demonstrations as He had done with Moses. God knew Jeremiah in his mother’s womb. It was a done deal. The initial calling was merely a polite gesture. Jeremiah was going to be strategically placed in God’s archery bow with all kinds of tensions—dark moments taking him to near death—pulling him back so he could be launched higher, further for the sake of God’s mercy, love, covenant with Israel. God’s voice, a “fire” in Jeremiah’s bones would not be silenced. Read the rest of his story here.


persecuting zealot turned God’s servant—the famed pharisee some Jews and Christians love to hate

[Heads-up: Judaic-Messianic Bridge crossing to foster understanding.]

A Jew from the tribe of Benjamin, circumcised on the eighth day, of the nation of Israel, a Hebrew born of Hebrews, a Pharisee and son of a Pharisee, a talmid (student) of the renowned Rabbi Gamaliel, both Jew and Roman citizen (hence his dual name, Saul Paulus).

He made his raison d’être the destruction of Messianic Jews—followers of “The Way” (Jesus/Yeshua, his Hebrew name). But then . . .

Read the rest of his story here.




Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 44:23.* They are to teach my people the difference between the holy and the common and enable them to distinguish between the clean and unclean.


Isaiah (Yeshayahu) 43:2-4.* I will go ahead of you, leveling the hills, shattering the bronze gates, smashing the iron bars. I will give you treasures hoarded in the dark, secret riches hidden away so that you will know that I, Adonai, calling you by your name, am the God of Israel.


Isaiah (Yeshayahu) 43:18-19.* Stop brooding over past events and times gone by. I am doing something new; it’s springing up—can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.


Hosea (Hoshea) 2:14-17a* But now I’m going to woo her, bring her out to the desert and speak to her heart . . . I will give her vineyards from there and the Akhor Valley [valley of trouble, gloom] as a gateway to hope.


John 15:2, 4. Every branch that bears fruit, God prunes so that it may bear more fruit . . . Stay united with Me as I will with you—for just as the branch can’t put forth by itself apart from the vine, so you can’t bear fruit apart from Me.


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