Soul Remodeling Series: The Wilderness Call, Part 2

By SoulBreaths Author [ 3 months ago ]

Seeing you as G-d sees you.

Deconstructing . . . for your soul’s reconstruction.
Breaking free from preconceived “factions”—
Divergent, your unique self in the L-rd.


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[The original article was created/posted in 2015 with some additions later. Judaic scripture numbering references used.]


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had walked in His wilderness-called journey before. I knew the basic process: The love call. The soul’s deconstruction and reconstruction. The emergence.


But this time, I felt like there was more at stake on many levels. So I seriously wanted to once again emerge like the lover in Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) 8:5. “Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?”


Stripped, humbled, taught, infused with His presence, transformed by His voice, reconstructed. And resting on Him, even more than before. That’s who she is.


Human viewpoint says you have to get tougher, stronger through life’s valleys and potholes. But toughening up solely via your human strength can make you bitter, harder, harsher, louder, colder. Filled with a false sense of power.


In the world’s eyes, the beloved in the Song of Songs should have left her wilderness experience like part of the Dauntless faction in Divergent—bulging muscles, ninja-like skills, kicking some downright serious butt along the way.


Thanks, God. Got it. I’ll take it from here.


Not even. That would mean her soul was disengaged from Him. Flowing in its own words, standards, strength, darkness.


God says that in your weakness, He is made strong. It’s His strength flowing through your soul that you need to rely on—not yours. He arises, not you.


So look again at that Song of Solomon 8:5 scripture. She spent time in her soul’s wilderness with her beloved and comes up out of that desert experience. Her soul has ascended from where it was, what it was.


How? Leaning on Him. L-e-a-n-i-n-g.


Her soul was no longer rushing ahead in its own strength, own ways, own timing. Nor was it dragging behind Him, fearful, shivering in a corner, not taking any action. Instead, there was a deeper rapport with Him, soul to soul.


Remember that when He gives you a come-to-the-wilderness call.


Your soul is breathed from Him (from the Hebrew word neshama, breath), given the capacity to flow and move with Him (from the Hebrew word ruach, spirit/wind) and called to rest (from the Hebrew words nefesh and nafash, rested breath) in its bodily journey down here . . . surrendered, obedient, in love with Him. Him, your very breath, your very life.


God wants to flow from His throne to and through your opened, connected, humbled soul.




Midway in my multi-year soul reconstruction process, I had questioned God about my wilderness journey. Well, actually, I had questioned Him at the beginning, middle, and just about every place along the way. But I digress.


Then in His kindness, He gave me this vision as His answer.


An image of an arrow flashed before me.
It was notched and rested in the bow’s string, then pulled back. Way, way back.


God was the archer. His faithfulness, the bow. His strategy, the tension. And I was the arrow that had to “rest” in Him through it all.


I knew where this was headed. Sort of. It was going to take more shifts. Deep shifts. Intentional shifts. Subterranean work.


God likes to hit His target goal—creating something better, greater, eternal within the soul. And that something takes time, precision, and pulling those He loves away from the common and into the holy.


Of course, in the process, you can feel more like a broken arrow, shattered into a gazillion pieces like Moses’ tablets. But that actually can be a good thing.


I used to think the Dauntless were fearless.
That is how they seemed, anyway.
But maybe what I saw as fearless was actually fear under control.

—Tris, Divergent by Veronica Roth


According to Talmudic thought, Moses put the new tablets and the shattered tablets into the Ark of the Covenant, (Aron HaBrit, אֲרוֹן בְּרִית).


The two sets of tablets stood as a paradoxical lesson.


Both sets reflect your soul. Shattered, yet whole.
Broken, yet engraved with the hand of God.

Your soul arises.
Remade—standing on its brokenness,
strengthened by it.


Whether working within the soul of a person or a nation, God’s modus operandi is deconstruction before reconstructing and birthing the soul into its destiny.


I imagine God stretching out His hand to touch our souls during this precarious process much the same way He reached out to touch Jeremiah’s mouth to birth the prophetic, delivering those destiny-driven words in Jeremiah 1:10—uproot and tear down, build and plant.


But the soul’s deconstruction-reconstruction process
takes walking according to His timetable.


So forget thinking you can speed things up. You can’t. Although your balking, rebellion, and ingratitude can alter His time frames. Yes indeedy.


You probably know the story. Israel made the exodus from the hard toils of their deconstructive Egyptian experience, yoke free in the natural and witnessing the glorious might of God’s hand. But spiritually? Well, let’s see . . .


Their grumbling, rebellion, lack of gratitude, and lack of joy cost them big time. God gave them one year of discipline for each day of their faith-failed reconnaissance—forty years in the desert vs. God’s intended one-year preferred plan.


Like a woman unable to conceive, their souls were in a state of barrenness. They needed to do the Abraham thing—embark on a lech lecha journey with God, going down into their souls and allowing God to deconstruct them further so their spiritual womb could be healed, opened, and fruitful.


But that first generation couldn’t get with His program.


It would take time, more wilderness, and a totally new generation of believers who would surrender to His process. A generation whose souls would emerge as carriers of His presence, reconstructed, bravely able to stand on their shattered tablets, ready to enter the Land and bring forth the kingdom of God.


Of course, there were ups and downs in that generation . . . and every generation since. We are, after all, fractured like those shattered tablets. But we can be made whole again in Him.




Throughout the Bible, you can see God’s soul process at work: the love call (that come-away-with-me lech lecha journey), followed by the deconstruction-reconstruction soul process, and then the emergence.


Everyday people like you and me on an adventure into His Holy Presence.


They traveled with the Lord through a spiritual (and sometimes physical) wilderness. Away from the common, the mundane, the familiar and into a soul life that was beyond different.


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I think we’ve made a mistake . . .
We’ve all started to put down the virtues
of the other factions in the process of bolstering our own.
I don’t want to do that.
I want to be brave, and selfless,
and smart, and honest . . .
I continually struggle with kindness.

—Four/Tobias, Divergent by Veronica Roth


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