Prayer Unleashed: Three Hours Of Silence

By SoulBreaths Author [ 6 years ago ]

Come up to the mountain and stay there.” (Exodus 24:12)


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[Expanded from a 2009 post about Feasting within the Fast; revised January 2015.]




Soul whispering . . . that’s what I desire. Swimming in G-d’s murmuring deep. Speaking soul to soul. Listening for His stilled, small voice.


That means going higher to go deeper—not pitching my tent in the lower mountain places. A change in the physical moves the spiritual . . . and a shift in the spiritual births breakthrough in the physical. One vehicle for that: fasting.


But that’s fasting as He leads. That way it’s not about struggling, striving, wavering.


It can be done on many levels, many ways. A step away from food or certain foods, from daily living activities, from passions or distractions—replaced by time with Him, acts of mercy, prophetic intercession in the heavens that will set the captive free.


The deeper you press into heaven and His presence, the more the things bound to this natural realm dissipate. Revelation and movement within the heaven-and-earth connection during a fast often eclipses physical hunger. Your “food” is now spiritual . . . satisfying . . . energizing. Not of this world, yet co-existing within your physical world.


Fasting also helps realign your soul matrix. Your nefesh—the lower part of your soul that naturally gravitates to the things of this world—takes a back seat. The neshama, higher component of your soul’s matrix attached to G-d, is widened. It becomes a funnel for His whispers, His illuminations of the Word, and His revelations.


Your soul awakens and is released from nefesh’s gravitational pull . . . then ushered into His dark cloud of Glory. Everything around you may feel surreal. But in actuality, it was never more real. You are “seeing” with spiritual eyes and “hearing” with spiritual ears.


It’s there that you can enter the King’s realm . . . where His royal authority, unmeasurable majesty, untouchable holiness and unseen power are high, lifted up. You fall to your knees, overcome by His glory. Your soul trembles under the weight of His power . . . His love . . . His kingship.


Obedience seems to be no longer an option, but a soul-throbbing, unquenchable desire.
Earthly food and thoughts fade. During a deep-work fast,
you taste the real manna from heaven, the bread of the Almighty.




I cherish the works and teachings G-d is instilling in my soul these days. But I also honor works He did in the past because they form the roots of what is happening within my soul today. Like this story . . .


The L-rd took three of my friends and me on a joint spiritual journey back in 2009—a year filled with “bridging” lessons that, personally speaking, catapulted my walk into new directions on many levels.


It all started by hanging out at His well with these three friends who desired to go deeper. We each came from slightly different spiritual backgrounds and approaches, but honored G-d and His Word. Judaic/messianic thought was respected. 


We agreed to meet regularly via phone for prayer and subsequent G-d-called fasts. The actual parameters of each fast differed and intensified per the individual intercessor—but the leading of the “when” and the “how long” always fell in absolute unison.


The L-rd had impressed on me that the various things He had me fasting from would last more than an appointed number of days . . . it would become my way of life going forward.


Throughout that first year, we ascended from group prayer time to a higher level of intercession and onto prophetic intercession, visions or words given, hearing His voice of what to say or do (or not) as we spiritually swam in His murmuring deep.


The bottom line lesson—obedience is birthed out of love for Him.




G-d kept fine tuning our ears and heart. On May 25, 2009, we entered our regular time for intercession via phone. But there was nothing “regular” about this special G-d encounter.


Simultaneously while on the phone—without any of us discussing it or sharing what we were experiencing—we each entered a stillness. No words. His Spirit fell over us to silence us and command us not to speak. We had learned from prior group experiences to hear and heed. And now we were taking the test. Would we obey . . . even if it made no sense in the natural?


Yep, with His grace, we would.


Three to three-and-a half hours later . . . He lifted the silence.
Amazing. We had sat in absolute silence on the phone in obedience.
None of us knowing what the other intercessory partners were thinking or doing.
All we had was our personal command for silence before Him.




We also had to learn how to come up to the mountain and stay there  so we could walk in His healing and power—and not pitch our tents in the “low” places, walking in the damage of our souls. Love was rising and we had to make a conscious effort to choose love actions—toward our G-d, our King of Glory, our family, friends and those we encounter.


Adonai said to Moses (Moshe), “Come up to me on the mountain, and stay there. I will give you the stone tablets with the Torah and the mitzvot I have written on them, so that you can teach them. Moses (Moshe) got up, also Joshua( Y’hoshua) his assistant; and Moshe went up onto the mountain of God.  To the leaders he said, “Stay here for us, until we come back to you.”—Exodus 24:12-14*




G-d’s take-away love lesson? Be still. Wait. He is King. Yes, we have access to His Holy throne room—but understand the seriousness of His Lordship. He is King and—as in ancient days of earthly kingships—we can speak when He, the King, directs. And in that time  of silently waiting for His “nod” to speak, we must rest attentively to hear His voice within our souls.


Psalm 62:6*. My soul, wait in silence for God alone, because my hope comes from him.


Judges 3:19*. The king commanded silence, and all his attendants withdrew.


Luke 11:28. But Yeshua said, “Far more blessed are those who hear the word of G-d and obey it!”


* Hebrew Bible reference numbers.

NOTE: Expanded from a 2009 post about Feasting within the Fast; revised January 2015.
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